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Culinary Design Concepts is an industry leader in creating cutting-edge Foodservice Design Concepts. Our dedicated Team strive to understand our clients’ needs and vision, then work to go above and beyond their expectations.  


LEED® “Leadership in Energy and Environment Design” 

The “Green Industry" has grown exponentially over the past few years and continues to branch out in more directions every day.  Our Team at Culinary Design Concepts embraces and uses the ideas of LEED® and sustainability in our design process.  LEED® is an internationally recognized “Green” building certification system.  This system helps both professionals and the average consumer understand the new and ever-changing guidelines, helping decide how “Green” a building is.  If having a “Green” approach incorporated into your design, we are the foodservice design company for you. 

LEED® focuses on:

-       Energy Star Equipment

-       Water Use and Regulation

-       Demand Ventilation

-       Efficient Waste Management and Composting

-       Energy Efficiency & Rebates

-       Sustainable Materials

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